Up the Crick, LLC
5099 N. Route 44 Hwy.
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
(570) 865 - 6247
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Our Store


Up the Crick - Wine & Antiques is now open. Store owner, Erika Morgan, has a vision to sell products that are made by hand, locally, which promote a healthy and a happy lifestyle to residents and tourists in the Pine Creek Valley. Erika strives to strengthen and improve the community by increasing local involvement of what the community members have to offer one another.


Up the Crick is featuring wine produced by Black Dog Wine Company, located in Oakdale, PA. Black Dog Wine Co. offers delicious varieties varying from dry to semi to sweet and fruit wines.


Thirty four local artists have their handcrafted goods showcased at Up the Crick. Some goods are tasty edibles while other goods are unique pieces of art to accent your attire or your home.